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July 6th - 11th, 2021 Hosted by Pontificia Universidad Javeriana. Bogotá, Colombia




The organizing committe of the 2021 Hume Conference have decided to hold a fully remote conference from July 6th-11th. This decision was taken with a heavy heart, but considering the health and safety of participants. We are currently working on a program that, besides the usual concurrent sessions, panels and plenaries, includes also informal discussions, networking and other social and cultural events.   

We will be posting any news we get as soon as we can. 

Conference Directors

Ángela Calvo de Saavedra - Pontificia Universidad Javeriana
Ann Levey - University of Calgary
Juan S. Santos - Pontificia Universidad Javeriana
Saul Traiger - Occidental College

Invited Speakers

Catalina González - Universidad de Los Andes
Paul Guyer - Brown University
Amy Schmitter - University of Alberta

Author-Meets-Critics Session

Margaret Watkins - Saint Vincent College
The Philosophical Progress of Hume´s Essays


Jacqueline Taylor - University of San Francisco
Andre Willis - Brown University

Conference Themes


Panel Sessions


Donald Ainslie - University of Toronto

Sofía Calvente - Universidad Nacional de La Plata

Karaan Durland Sessions - Austin College


Livia Guimaraes (Universidade Federal de Minas de Gerais)

Jane MacIntyre (Cleveland University)

Anik Waldow (University of Sidney)







From and to the airport:

The city is served by the El Dorado International Airport, which has connections to most major cities in North America and Europe. There are direct flights from Washington, New York (JFK Airport), Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Los Angeles, Houston, Atlanta, Toronto, Frankfurt, London, Paris, Madrid and Barcelona. The El Dorado is located about 13 kms from downtown and the university. The best way to get to hotels upon arrival is picking up an authorized taxi at the line-up in front of the airport exits (Look for the "Taxis" sign). A person in yellow jacket with the taxi company logo organizes passengers and call pick-up turns. Taxi fare is around US10. Taxis do not take cards, but there is an exchange house in front of the baggage carrousel and several others by the airport exit where you can change any currency to Colombian pesos.



City transportation:

Getting around Bogotá is cheap and suggested hotels are not more than a 30 minute walk from Javeriana University. If you want to get around the city you can use the Trasmilenio system (red buses stopping at the large metal-like stations), the SITP system (blue buses stopping at regular bus stops) or taxis. Trasmilenio buses can be taken from the stations or from bus stops. SITP buses only from bus stops. To either the Transmilenio or the SITP system buses, you need to purchase a "Tu Llave" card at the Transmilenio stations (US$1) and charge it with money (one trip is around $2.000 Colombian pesos). Routes can be found at and You can also download the app "TransmiSitp" at Google Play or App Store. You can take a taxi from a taxi stand at the university and at the hotels. We do not recommend to get taxis from the street.



The Javeriana Campus:

The Conference will take place at the Javeriana Campus. The address is Carrera 7 # 40 - 62. You can find the Javeriana Campus Map here.




Colombia is a tropical country and there are not, strictly speaking, seasons. There are several temperature zones, climates and micloclimates that vary accros the year. There are months where rain is more frequent and months where it is less. Bogotá is 2.600 meters above sea level and regular temperature is between 8C and 18C (60 - 68F). It can be cold at night and there may be sudden rains (although July is an usual dry month).

(contingent on Government decisions on the COVID-19 Pandemics)





Zipaquirá Salt Cathedral Excursion:

We will have the conference excursion at the Zipaquirá Salt Cathedral, a beautiful underground cathedral completely carved in salt (180 meters deep under). The Salt Cathedral is unique in its kind and presents visitors with unparalleled majesty. The Zipaquirá Salt Cathedral is 48 km away from Bogotá. The excursion will take place on Thursday July 9th in the afternoon. Prices and registration will be announced later.



Candelaria Tour (Free):

We will also have a free-walking tour around Bogotá historic center, visiting Teatro Colón, Palacio de San Carlos, Iglesia de San Ignacio, Casa de Nariño, Plaza de Bolívar, Capitolio, Casa del Florero, Alcaldía Mayor, Catedral Primada and some colonial churches.


There are many companies that organize walking tours around Bogotá's historic center, including the famous Graffitti Tour. If you like to hire one of them, other recommended places to visit in Bogotá are Monserrate, Museo Botero, Museo del Oro, Museo Nacional. Also in Bogotá, you can visit the Jardín Botánico, the Simon Bolivar Metropolitan Park and colonial churches around the city. 

Suggested destinations within Colombia are Cartagena, Santa Marta, the Coffee Zone, San Andrés Island, Providence Island, San Agustin Archeological Park, Villa de Leyva, Medellín, Chingaza Natural Park, Chicaque Natural Park.


Conference Banquet:

We are planning an entertaining closing event with music and food. More information later.


We will be posting Hotel and Accommodation information soon.


Facultad de Filosofía - Edificio 95, Manuel Briceño Jáuregui, S.J. Carrera 5a. No. 39-00, piso 6  Tel: (571) 320 8 320 Ext: 5800